Event Types and Scheduling Grid Colors Defined

Grid Colors


This article explains the different Event Types available to choose from within Astra Schedule for PBC and UAHS campuses. The colors associated with the Event Types show up on the Scheduling Grid Calendars.

Academic (Credit-Bearing)

Selected when requesting spaces on campus, which classify as academic/curricular and directly involve credit-bearing courses, exams/reviews, or labs. These events must bear credit and can be found by course number in the UA course catalog.  These sessions will display in GREEN.


Selected when requesting space on campus that directly relates to administrative functions, academic-related or general meetings, committees, and other organized small group gatherings. These events display in BLUE.

Special Event

Selected when requesting spaces on campus that involve special resources, planning, and larger group gatherings and/or events that are outside of regular business hours or weekends. Special Events are submitted through the HSIB Event Request Form and display in PURPLE.

Construction and Maintenance

Selected for space in the Health Innovation Sciences Building (HSIB) that is construction and maintenance related, and only by the Planning and Facilities department. Events in rooms with AV updates, maintenance, and construction will take place in the spaces. These events display in ORANGE.

Student Organization

Selected for the student affairs team when requesting space on campus that is student involved or student-created. Event types such as study groups, student organizational meetings, etc. These events display in TEAL.


Room blocks used to indicate the rooms are unavailable to schedule due to timeline constraints or before/after building hours. These events display in Grey.